Website facelift and beyond

As you guys have noticed we have been working really hard to redesign our website and hopefully more organized and easier to use for our customers. As you will see the main page has the main aspects of what we do as a company and from there you can get started by selecting one of the Designer’s kit and also we have launched our HEMP sample kit. This is an extension of what we can do for our clients. Asides from just creating a beautiful product we can now also help you come up with your own cosmetic line. Yes, you heard us right. There will be different sample kits that you are able to try for yourself so you have a first hand experience of what your product will feel and smell like. It is your product so why not give it a test run for yourself so you can speak to it among your customers. The kits start at $99.99 and go up from there just depending on how many samples you are looking to try. The steps are very simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Choose a Cosmetic Sample Kit
  2. choose the bottle and Create you name and logo for your product
  3. order your products so you’re able to sell them. (Since these are uniquely your cosmetic line we are not able to do drop shipping for any of our cosmetic line products but we do plan to make it available in the near future.

If you guys have noticed we have also partnered with afterpay which is an awesome way to get started with us for practically less than $25 to get going and make those dreams a reality. Please keep in mind that the decision whether you qualify to open a “afterpay” account is completely in the hands of “afterpay” not us. So please reach them for any questions regarding qualifications.

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